Based on years of experience working for a large Utility in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Samuel and Johan founded Utilifeeds in order to make use of all the smart
technology available in order to optimize the entire value chain in an energy
company. Today we are a team of 30 employees working to help our clients save
time, money and the environment.

The result of this is Utilifeeds easy-to-use SaaS-platform which is in a unique                                    position to offer services to all different departments within an energy company.                                        It helps the metering department by standardizing and making quality assured                                      data available for everyone in the organization.

The digital twin covers the entire energy system and optimizes
production and distribution while connecting to flexible components (thermal
inertia and heat pumps in buildings ie) for maximum efficiency. Besides this it
also provides full support for your price models and can simulate new ones easily, also            supporting your meter to cash process. Utilifeeds is building the operating system of                              the future Utility and you are welcome to join our journey.

Utilifeed's logotype.



Robin Björklind

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