Creative Optimization

Creative Optimization offers complete end-to-end supply chain optimization and cutting-edge expertise in decision support systems. We pride ourselves at being the very best at what we do within the field of optimization. We work with the ambition to reduce the gap between advanced research and practical use. By combining our experience and expertise from innovation projects, and our knowledge and understanding to integrate advanced optimization and analytics tools, we create easy-to-use and intuitive decision support systems. We also offer expertise in data management, Big data and methods in artificial intelligence to support digitization of the entire supply chain. We are dedicated to developing new and intelligent decision support systems.

Our solution Woodflow is a powerful and easy-to-use toolset for optimizing the end-to-end wood logistics. Optimizing wood transportation is one of the most efficient ways to save money and minimize environmental impact. With data-driven intelligence Woodflow creates better decision making, planning and scenario analysis. The Woodflow optimization model can be used separately, integrated with existing ERP-system or be implemented in a cloud solution. Take the next step and enhance your operations by using optimization to minimize risks and improve performance by better decision making within your end-to-end supply chain to boost your overall productivity.