Energy Opticon

Energy Opticon is a leading provider of specialized software for optimizing
energy systems economically and environmentally. Since 1989, we have helped
energy companies and industries remain competitive. With our software, Energy
Optima 3, companies can achieve significant cost reductions (5-15% annually),
improved efficiency, and decision-making certainty. We work with the flexibility
of the energy system, lowering the supply temperature of district heating
networks and finding optimal profitability in integrated energy systems.

Our advanced algorithms can optimize all parts of the energy system, from
production facilities to properties and electricity trading. Energy Optima 3
enables long-term simulation and investment calculation to future-proof energy
systems up to 20 years ahead.

One of our recent innovations is the optimization of hydrogen gas systems and
CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization), which holds great economic potential.
We also see potential for investment calculations and optimization of hydrogen
gas systems in Germany due to their transition, and with the help of GIA (Green
Investment Assistance), we can quickly initiate this market expansion.